Since 2009, the "Leading To Serve" Fellowship has led the effort to strengthen progressive leadership models by gathering exemplary leaders from a variety of business, civc, faith, commerce, philanthropy, and education sectors, in an effort to share best practices, experience, and expertise.

Our Mission

The mission of the Leading To Serve fellowship is to identify and convene creative, innovative, and  responsible civic minded leaders for the purpose of translating and sharing expertise and experiences in order to contribute positive impact on our local and global communities.

SHARED Best Practices

  • Be a global citizen
  • Question everything
  • Share expertise freely
  • Welcome change
  • Be relevant 
  • Respect all humans
  • Create value
  • Embrace risk
  • Respond to need
  • Pay it forward

I have found the applied principles of Leading To Serve translates across all boundaries of profession and service.
— Gary Morsch, Founding Fellow, Leading To Serve