Another Band of Brothers

For three days I met with a group of friends, all leaders in their own right.  There was no agenda or schedule – just time to talk, eat, and encourage one another.     It was our third extended meeting to engage in activities we enjoy, but mostly just to be together.

Someone in the group suggested that we call ourselves a “band of brothers,”

Since what draws us together is more than the activities we enjoy and the topics we discuss.   Over time we’ve forged a bond of mutual interest and support.

There is no leader or first among equals in the group.   Between our meetings we have stayed in touch, sharing experiences, ideas and suggestions for getting together again.

Some of us are recently retired, others in the prime of life.   The common thread running through our differences is an interest in and support for one another no matter what.

I wish that I could have joined with a group like this much earlier in my life.  On many occasions I would have benefited from a meeting of friends with no agenda other than helping one another flourish in life as well as leadership.

Too often as leaders we are driven by our agendas and calendars, rushing from meeting to meeting with people we recognize but hardly know. 

Regrettably we come and go with unexpressed thoughts, struggles, visions, and questions - known more by what we do than who we are.   

We all need an occasional break from advancing causes and managing organizations to connect on a deeper level with a few friends.

It takes time and effort to step away from busy schedules and urgent demands to just hang out, rest, and enjoy a break.

It’s worth it.